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My daughter is almost 9 years old.

Past the age to fancy Barbies & has grown beyond the girlie fascination of colour ‘Pink’.

Her interests are steering more towards scientific experiments & analytical thinking.

When WonderBoxx, the monthly learning solution for children sent across their August subscription box – ‘Magic Magnetism’ to be reviewed on the blog, she was exhilarated!


Wonderboxx is a unique concept of ‘Learn While You Play’. It is a theme-based monthly subscription box service. They design, develop and send age-specific, hands-on learning material appropriate for children of all age groups.

The toys in WonderBoxx are conceptualised in such a way that they entice curiosity, encourage exploration, develop creativity and strengthen the child’s cognitive and motor skills.

…and of course keep them engaged in a constructive manner beyond online games.

So, here is what Aleena, my 9 year old found in her August WonderBoxx.


  1. DIY Magnetic Thaumatrope

A fascinating experiment to understand magnetic attraction and the magical illusion of a thaumatrope (remember that toy you made in childhood, a disk with a picture on each side, attached to two pieces of string? It’s the same thing).


  1. The Disco Animals Experiment

This one helps in learning and distinguishing the properties of magnets (attraction and repulsion) by building a practical base for learning.

  1. MagleAv Car Experiment

This experiment teaches advanced magnetism concepts (like magnetic levitation) and provides deeper understanding of a magnet’s properties.

  1. Fan, Spoke and Shapes Experiment

Another good one to help the child assemble an experiment to further understand & observe the complex properties of a magnet.

  1. Hopping Animals Experiment

This was fun! Origami with Magnetism – what a combination.

  1. Visual Encyclopedia

This is a compilation of interesting facts, anecdotes and wonderful visuals for conceptual understanding.

  1. Parent Feed

This was Easy ideas and expert articles that help and inspire you in your journey as a parent.


About the Product

WonderBoxx is available for 3 age categories:

Toddlo- 1-3 yrs

Kiddo – 3-5 yrs

Ginomo – 5+

Each box has 7-8 components – which includes toys, games, DIY activities, books and a parent newsletter.

How to Order

Subscribe online from here

It is also available at various online e-commerce portals.


1 Box – Rs. 1,125

3 months subscription – Rs. 2,700

6 months subscription – Rs. 4,900

12 months subscription – Rs. 9,000

My Verdict –

Instead of buying useless, random gifts, Wonderboxx can serve as an ideal gifting option for children.

It can be sent across to other children of family/friends living in other cities of India as a birthday present.

I recommend trying it out!


Visit their website for subscription

Like the on Facebook here

image courtesy – WonderBoxx


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