Review – Zero Bend, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by Eureka Forbes

Do you remember that old TV advertisement where a lady is mopping the floor and due to extended bending of the back, she resounds in pain….aah, meri kamar?

Although the commercial claimed to relieve the backache with its ointment but the principal reason behind the discomfort, bending, was left unaddressed.

Eureka Forbes, the pioneer in motorized cleaning technology, has it resolved for now and forever by introducing first of its kind ‘Zero-bend, Upright and Multifunctional’ range of vacuum cleaners. Recently they launched the latest series – Euroclean Zero Bend.

The Euroclean Zero Bend Series is an absolute breakthrough in household cleaning. The revolutionary upright design aids in cleaning hard-to-reach corners and hidden surfaces under beds, sofa, tables and other furniture without bending.

This is your go-to product for lack of time, maid tantrums and traditional methods of cleaning.

Euroclean Zero Bend Series has three variants – MOPnVAC, Kordfree and Steristeem.

To see and experience the product ‘up, close and personal’, I called for a Free Demo specifically for Kordfree vacuum cleaner at +91 74393 25338. (You too can book a FREE demo here )

Kordfree is a powerful yet lightweight convertible multi surface vacuum cleaner which can be easily converted into a handheld compact cordless device.

Some GUD & Key Features of Kordfree are –

  • Cord/wire free pod, (no strings attached, quite literally😜)
  • Up to 95 min (1-1/2 hrs) run time
  • Chargeable device
  • No need to bend while cleaning
  • Spin rotation of handle up to 180 degree
  • Cleans edges, window door channels

My Experience of Kordfree –

These pictures are speaking for itself and the experience left me speechless.

It was like magic. I never imagined that in my apparently clean looking home so much of dirt and grime would be hiding. It works on all types of surfaces such as carpet, wood, tiles etc.



Have a look at the video below 👇

and see for yourself how well it works!


Final Word –

  • Good investment
  • Value for money
  • Sucks up even the finest of dirt/dust
  • Handy
  • Being cordless is a real blessing
  • Apt for car interiors as well
  • Bye-bye to hectic ‘No-Maid’ Days

Visit the Eureka Forbes website to have a look at the latest range of vacuum cleaners here

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