I am a Safe Food Ambassador for Tetra Pak

Proud to be a Safe Food Ambassador for Tetra Pak!

‘Everyone has a right to keep food safe. And to practice this right, they have to have the right knowledge!’

7356_10153283629099429_2860706710180476798_nTetra Pak in association with Times of India launched a Safe Food Campaign where they educated, motivated and encouraged mothers across the nation to follow safe food eating and handling practices.

And they did it in the absolute fun way!

They designed a comprehensive online NQ Course (nutrition quotient course) which mothers had to undertake. On completion and graduating, they were supposed to spread the knowledge they gathered about food safety across various social media platforms and through events in their own creative and engaging ways like uploading videos, writing blogs, holding gatherings in the society and so much so on.

Finally after extensive interviewing to assess their motivation towards the cause and understanding of the subject, 15 Safe Food Ambassadors got selected from the country.


….and then began the real exciting journey.

Tetra Pak invited all Safe Food Ambassadors to their facility at Chakan near Pune.

One-on-one interaction, exchange of thoughts and ideas, plant visit, presentations, briefing, playing a flavorist for their ‘new product development’, giving media bytes, taking a pledge to be a Safe Food Ambassador, forever, and much much more – the day and the event was full of information, surprises and loads of fun!

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Food Safety – Educate Your House Help First!

The picture gallery below is just one tiny glimpse of the actual  extravaganza we had during our visit.

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