Selfie – Irritating Obsession or Harmless Fun

Now this is something really interesting!

Observing the constant and insatiable craze in today’s ‘selfie obsessed society’, me and my blogger friend Ankita decided to write about the two sides of a coin – Selfie – Yay or Nay?

I have written the ‘Nay’ part & Ankita is addressing the ‘Yay’…..

Read on,  take your pick and let us know what’s your say on this.

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But First… Let Me Take a Selfie!

We knew selfies were here to stay when the oxford dictionary added Selfie to the English language. It was a trend, then a craze and is now an international obsession! Ever wondered why it is so? Well, let me tell you what I think. For anything to happen, two things are necessary – Opportunity and Intent.

With the wide availability of camera phones, especially good camera phones the technology is literally in your hands all the time (or your pocket, if you carry your phone around in that). With that, every opportunity becomes a photo opportunity.

Wearing new sunglasses and heading out to a lunch date. But first… let me take a selfie!

Trying out new lipsticks and trying to decide which one to buy. But first… let me take a selfie!

With my BFFs at a girl’s night out. The cocktails are on the table. But first… let me take a selfie!

That is intent right there. Not everyone has it. Only those who do end up joining the selfie brigade. I click selfies! Yes, me… I am part of the brigade that you will find making strange fish faces at their phones. The selfie stars pose anytime, anywhere. At a traffic signal when your car halts, at their desks in office, in the elevator on your way to an event and the most popular location is the front of a full length washroom mirror!

People have said that taking selfies is the reflection of someone’s narcissist obsession. The selfie brigade thinks otherwise. Selfies are a great way to create a journal of how you have looked on various days.

I take selfies on good hair days, good skin days and good makeup days too! On the days I have lanky frizzy hair, I remind myself that my hair has the capability to look like this too. When my skin breaks out, I look at the good skin days and tell myself, “This too shall pass”.

No one can deny the fun element in taking a selfie. For those 30 seconds while I pose, pout and search for the perfect angle I am a Queen – A Selfie Queen. It is so easy to get bogged down by all that needs to be done in our lives.

An old adage says – we need to stop and smell the roses.

Well, since there are no roses around these days, we stop and take a selfie!


Sania’s take on this……….

Self(ie) Obsession – Let the Fad Fade!

I love pictures.

I love clicking pictures.

I love getting clicked in pictures.

When I say ‘I love getting clicked’, I mean ‘getting clicked by SOMEONE’.

– Not by my own stretched hand, making funny pouts & fake faces & adjusting to awkward angles –

I cringe to the hilt when I see people slipping into the selfie mode habitually. I fail to understand what fun they derive out of this redundant craze.

Selife Moments – Here, There, Everywhere

You will come across people suffering with ‘self-itis’ at every nook and corner, happily chirping, “Wait, let me take a selfie”, like… when they,

Have a new haircut – Solo selfie

With the gang on a night out – Group selfie

Their pug is sick – Selfie with dog

Meet the second lead of the famous daily soap – Selfie with celeb

At India Gate – Selfie with monument at the back

In the hospital – Selfie with ailing grandmother

uff enough, please……. STOP!

What People DO NOT KNOW About Their Selfies

Selfie has earned ample bad name for itself. People suffering with ‘selfie syndrome’ are usually labelled as obsessed, narcissist, wannabe, self-absorbed and what not. I so second the allegation.

They do not realise that out of their 10 selfies, 9.25 look almost similar with a disproportionate face-body ratio (bigger face with visible freckles and outgrown eyebrows), one hand missing, that selfie-pout making them look comical and for their kind information, rest of the people in the picture look much better than the one taking the selfie (its true and a fact few people know).

Selfie Rehab – Need of the Hour

Like Facebook rehab, I strongly advocate for a selfie rehab – an integrated program where the person gets totally detoxified of the selfie bug and comes out clean of this abnormal conduct.

It may even take disabling the front camera of their phones which is the sole culprit of this whole fiasco (or how else would anyone have taken a selfie with age-old bulky Yashikas and Canons, and even with new-age DSLRs?).

Guys, let others take the honour of clicking pictures of the whole beautiful you with a wide backdrop and without cutting most of the people (if you are in a group).

No harm indulging occasionally in this dysfunction but do not make it a custom.

It’s seriously is irksome.

Let selfie Rest In Peace.

Article authored by Ankita Dhawan & Sania Siddiqui

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4 thoughts on “Selfie – Irritating Obsession or Harmless Fun

  1. Hahahahhaha.. I liked both the “Yay!” and the “Nay!” points of view!
    I personally am a fan of clicking selfies.. But the thing that stops me is the fact that I don’t have a front camera smartphone! 🙁
    There’s one point I ought to add here: While clicking selfies is fun, it’s also making us independent of photographers and devoted friends who are willing to click pics of us all day long! I don’t know if that’s good or bad.. Maybe Ankita and you could guide me? 🙂

  2. I agree to Nay part of it. Well, due to accidents, taking selfie or carrying selfie sticks on rides is now banned at disneyland. the selfies will be officially banned after next 2-3 months at all UNESCO world heritage sites

    1. Wow.. banning selfies is a big move.. selfies have been great for me when I have travelled alone. I do that quite a bit and can not go around asking people to take my picture all the time!

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