Selfie that KILLS!

Selfie, an obsession been taken tad bit too far.

To the extent of killing people.

How sad.

Something which started with fun objective to derive pleasure of sorts and create a lasting memory of amusing moments, people and places, is now taking away precious lives.

Like an epidemic.

People are dying taking selfies in front of an approaching train or climbed high up on the top of a cliff.

This madness has to end.

Life is prized, not a frivolous giveaway.

Think, Act, Execute – Responsibly!

Looks like the time has come when as a statutory warning there are going to be boards like this on public places.


Sometime back I did a post (read it here) with my blogger friend Ankita Bajaj, where we talked about the ‘Yay’ and ‘Nay’ aspects of a Selfie.

Then, it was in the lighter note. Today, it has become an issue of grave concern.


Self(ie) Obsession – Let the Fad Fade!

I love pictures.

I love clicking pictures.

I love getting clicked in pictures.

When I say ‘I love getting clicked’, I mean ‘getting clicked by SOMEONE’.

– Not by my own stretched hand, making funny pouts & fake faces & adjusting to awkward angles –


I cringe to the hilt when I see people slipping into the selfie mode habitually. I fail to understand what fun they derive out of this redundant craze.

Selife Moments – Here, There, Everywhere

You will come across people suffering with ‘self-itis’ at every nook and corner, happily chirping, “Wait, let me take a selfie”, like… when they,

Have a new haircut – Solo selfie

With the gang on a night out – Group selfie

Their pug is sick – Selfie with dog

Meet the second lead of the famous daily soap – Selfie with celeb

At India Gate – Selfie with monument at the back

In the hospital – Selfie with ailing grandmother

uff enough, please……. STOP!

What People DO NOT KNOW About Their Selfies

Selfie has earned ample bad name for itself. People suffering with ‘selfie syndrome’ are usually labelled as obsessed, narcissist, wannabe, self-absorbed and what not. I so second the allegation.

They do not realise that out of their 10 selfies, 9.25 look almost similar with a disproportionate face-body ratio (bigger face with visible freckles and outgrown eyebrows), one hand missing, that selfie-pout making them look comical and for their kind information, rest of the people in the picture look much better than the one taking the selfie (its true and a fact few people know).

Selfie Rehab – Need of the Hour

Like Facebook rehab, I strongly advocate for a selfie rehab – an integrated program where the person gets totally detoxified of the selfie bug and comes out clean of this abnormal conduct.

It may even take disabling the front camera of their phones which is the sole culprit of this whole fiasco (or how else would anyone have taken a selfie with age-old bulky Yashikas and Canons, and even with new-age DSLRs?).

Guys, let others take the honour of clicking pictures of the whole beautiful you with a wide backdrop and without cutting most of the people (if you are in a group).

No harm indulging occasionally in this dysfunction but do not make it a custom.

It’s seriously is irksome.

Let selfie Rest In Peace.

Following someone with GUD intentions is not culpable…..

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Image courtesy –  Science Alert


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