Review PepperTap – Bad Service!

I hate grocery shopping.

Especially the part when I have to bring heavy bags from parking to home.

So I usually look for online services to do this mundane chore for me.

Thanks to the flood of online grocery shopping sites these days, I outsource all my ‘picking and choosing’ (and lifting of heavy bags too).

Today, as I saw a full front page advertisement of this new online grocery service launched in Pune, I decided to give them a try. For quite some time I have been using Big Basket and am really happy with them.


To place my order I used their mobile App. UI (user interface) of the app was friendly, quick and convenient. Good job there.

Options & variety – Not exorbitantly varied, just manageable.

On confirmation of my order, I was expecting a mail with order summery. None received. Just one SMS.

PepperTap promises to make delivery in 2 hrs flat. I selected the first available slot of 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm.

………. I received my order at 8 pm in the evening!


That too in the most unimpressive manner.

On opening the door I saw two young men standing there. They introduced themselves as delivery boys from PepperTap.

Please note – No uniform. No branding.

I hesitated and kept my safety door locked.

I saw a bag in their hands and asked for the paper receipt of my order. They had none.


I was supposed to tally the stuff I ordered by checking the order history in my app on mobile (what if I did not have internet connectivity at that time?).

Also, there was one item missing and they said it ran out of stock due to heavy demand. Really? Since when amuchur powder became such a staple?

Talking about the quality of vegetables – disappointing!

Onions and potatoes both were not fresh and of very poor quality.

Even the packaging was below standard.

All and all, it was not a good experience with this online grocery provider.

Brace up guys or there are better people to do the job in the market!

Big Basket Packaging & Quality
PepperTap Packaging & Quality







My rating – 1/5


15 thoughts on “Review PepperTap – Bad Service!

  1. App doesn’t work properly, rates keep changing in matter of seconds. when I logged in as existing user the prices shown for some products were different and as new user, they were higher(and they were giving a coupon code for first time users discount). the final bill boiled down to the same figure in both cases, that’s a cheap trick. Got the delivery in time but worst of all, the apples they delivered were all rotten. highly dissatisfied

  2. They are not good at their promise. They scheduled on 14-sep 10:00AM- 12:00AM. And they have worst customer support.

    Not delivered till i wrote this comment 15-sep 09:00 PM

  3. your service is very poor we are order the milk food ghee your comment is same days delivered but not till date delivered your comment is this product is not available why safariing to customer

    We sincerely apologize for the poor experience you had with us

  4. Worst service.. I ordered two times and my feeling is same both the times. I prepaid but they did not come to deliver even after one day. There is no one to pick up the call at their support center. Never going to order again on peppertap.

  5. I ordered on Saturday and scheduled for Sunday 6-8 PM(as no other option available).
    They came at 11:15 PM to deliver and not to door step to, they asked me to pick from 1 Km away.

    They rescheduled the delivery and until now, I haven’t received it.

  6. Placed order yesterday on Peppertap.
    Did not deliver although prwapid for the items

    Did not respond to emails and do not come online when contacted on phone
    Pathetic service

    1. Jenifer,

      I have been using Big Basket for a while and am totally satisfied!

      You can try too…

      Stay GUD!


  7. Dear Sania,

    I write from the PepperTap Team. We sincerely apologize for the poor experience you had with us! Due to the inordinate demand that we saw yesterday in Pune (11 times of our daily average), our service levels suffered. We take note of all your points, and assure you that within the next few days, we will come back stronger and better!

    Hope to serve you again!

    Best regards,
    Team PepperTap

    1. Dear Team PepperTap

      Thanks for taking a note.

      I will surely give you another try and if find services as per expectation, will do a new post as well.

      Stay GUD!


    2. Hi,
      Very bad service. My experience with pepper tap is very worst.
      I ordered on 19th, and requested for delivery on 20th 6-8 pm, but I did not get the delivery or any update.
      I tried to call the customer care, but it was very long waiting.
      Finally they did not delever my order.
      It was my first and worst experience with pepper tap.

    3. Hello peppertap,
      Sorry to say but my experience with your customer care service is very bad.
      I ordered on sunday and received message of confirmation.When the time of delievery passed away and I did not receive my order, I checked the status of order. It was utter surprising for me that my order was cancelled.i called your customer care and gentleman asked me that I’ll get my order on monday morning. Next morning again I received message that my order has been cancelled.
      My point is if you guys are not able to deliever the order why you confirmed my order. Worst part is even after writing mail to your customer care, no one bother to respond.
      I needed grocery for this week and after ordering I was feeling relaxed.but now condition is I dont have time & I need to manage.

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