Simple DIY Craft – Lollipop Butterfly

Quick, Fun and Super Easy

Appropriate for Age Group – 3 to 9

Material Required 

  • Lollipops
  • Colorful Chart Paper (Thick)
  • Fevicol & Scissors
  • Sketch pens, Glitter, plastic eyes, Colorful stickons or anything else interesting to make the butterfly look awesome!

How To Do It – 

  • Fold a paper in centre of 4″x 3″
  • Draw and cut semi circles starting from the centre; upper one little bigger than the lower one




  • Make two small cuts (1 cm) in the centre of the fold, 1 inch apart




  • Place the stick of lollipop inside the cuts




  • Decorate wings of the butterfly with the things of your choice


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