Stay Stylish With Belts

Post by Mruga Gandhi


When we think of the belts, the first obvious garment that comes to our mind is to team it with the ‘Jeans’.

But have you ever tried it on any other outfit?

I love my belts and for me they are ‘My Jewelry’!






I find them very ‘hot’ & chic’. They are a quick and great way to add style and class to any outfit.


Whether it’s a skirt, short dress, maxi dress, play suits or jump suit – you can simply add a cool belt to any outfit and take the dress to another level.

GUD Tip – When an outfit is all single color-tone or pallet, a belt of contrasting color makes an interesting and eye catching addition.



By placing a belt on a maxi dress, you can create a look of a skirt with a top.

(how I have done in the picture below.)



Likewise, it can add much more dimensions to your wardrobe and you can create new look with old pieces you already have!

Belt Placement

Placement of the belt is extremely important. If you want to wear belt on a maxi dress or short dress or basically anything that doesn’t have belt loops, your belt should sit at your natural waist.

(Your natural waist lies 4-5 inches your under bust)

It is be the smallest section of your torso and stinching your clothing there will help to create the slimming effect around your waistline. Who doesn’t want that?

Yes & No of Belting it Up! 


  • Try choosing the belts that are part elastic as they are very comfortable and great at holding in the extra weight
  • Before buying the belt (specially elastic ones), double check the size by placing it on your ‘natural waist’


  • As a general rule, the longer the torso, wider the belt can be. Wearing a wide belt with a short torso visually shortens the whole body, which is unflattering
  • Don’t wear the wider belt on jeans, go for skinny belts

Hope my post has helped you in giving tips on how to add style to your outfit using belts.

Stay Stylish!

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