Summer Vacation Craft – Clay Necklace

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Zebra Necklace – Clay Art

Hello crafters!

How is the summer vacation going?

I have loads of time on my hand and thought of teaching the kids to do this interesting craft.

I decided to create some DIY accessories. Something which resonates my state of mind of a cool summer, a nice little thing which goes with my summer dresses – a lovely necklace which is chic, monochromatic and unique! Here is what I did and I’m loving it.

What is needed?

  • 2 packs of Fevicryl Hobby Ideas Shilpkar
  • A rolling pin and a paper cutter
  • An OHP sheet
  • Black and white acrylic colours
  • A needle, paint brushes, pencil and black thread

How to Make?

  • Made of thinly rolled Shilpkar slabs, this project has a bit of clay modelling technique.
  • Start with mixing the resin and hardener parts of Shilpkar and let it rest for 2- 3 minutes.
  • Shilpkar may stick to wooden surfaces so use an OHP sheet as the base to work on. Roll it into a thin sheet with the help of a rolling pin and cut random shapes.



  • With the remaining dough make small beads. Using a metal wire make holes at the two ends of the random shapes and in the center of beads as shown in the image.

How did I get this wave? Its simple, with the help of pencils. Arrange the shapes on the pencils in a random manner and let them dry.

Now that we have our base ready we start colouring them. I prefer not too much of colour in my accessories so I went for a monochromatic zebra pattern. You can paint them as per your liking.

I used a thick black thread to sting them together, knotting the beads after every interval.




And, it’s ready!

Clay art opens up immense possibilities for us crafters. With clay modelling we can make loads of projects for home décor as well. After this I am moving on to do a nice photo frame for my BFF, well, I just make her feel special all the time.


Crafter, Neha

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