Take NQ Course & Become a Safe Food Ambassador

‘Everyone has a RIGHT to keep food safe and to practice this RIGHT; they have to have the RIGHT knowledge!’

 All mothers want to give the best to their children.

When the love gets the backing of right education and implementation, the effect comes out tremendous.

Here is a chance for you to gain knowledge by taking this prestigious online NQ Course (Nutrition Quotient Course).

This course will empower you with the accurate knowledge of nutrition, diet, food safety, food storage and many other day to day best food practices useful for you and your family.

The course is put together by Indian Dietetic Association, AIIMS and Indian Medical Association.

Come one. Come all.

Join the initiative, take NQ Course, spread the word on social media and become the torch bearer of food safety, become a Safe Food Ambassador!

Click here and begin your journey to be a NQ mom.

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