Thank You PediaSure!

Last Sunday I was arranging and organizing my daughter’s disheveled cupboard, a chore I utterly detest but have to do anyway.

While at it, I always segregate her worn out, faded and outgrown clothes and shoes. To my surprise, this time there was a bigger heap of clothes which are shorter, tighter and no more her size.

Yesterday after coming back from her basket ball class, she said that her school and sports shoes are not as comfortable anymore (we bought her sports shoes just four months ago and at that time they were little loose for her).

A contented smile ran across my lips.

Kids grow fast. And mine is growing even faster.

It’s been more than two months that we are using PediaSure to turn plain, regular milk into yummy shakes, custard, phirni and other palatable recipes (read recipes here). For my daughter, I know it’s all about the flavour but for me, the ever-so-concerned mommy, those two heaped spoons of PediaSure that goes in the shake or other preparations are a pakka promise of wellness and health.

Folding the clothes, I calculated how her absenteeism in school due to common cold and other seasonal diseases have also gone down in past several weeks. Thank God, her immunity is picking up! Now change in weather doesn’t affect her immediately.

In the school, as part of her curriculum, my daughter has her swimming classes twice a week. Earlier she used to often fall sick, as right away after swimming, she used to come back to her AC classroom. With hair still wet, she used to catch cold easily.

But not anymore. All because of the improved immunity. All thanks to PediaSure!

PediaSure has indeed changed a lot in her life – health, wellness, fitness, immunity, concentration and of’course frequently altering dress and shoe sizes (but I am not complaining on that one)!

As a mother, I want to express my heartiest gratitude to PediaSure for all the wellness and goodness it has provided to my daughter.

My #90DaysWithPediaSure went well. I am happy and satisfied with my daughter’s growth progress on #MyPediaSureJourney.

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Disclaimer: While I was approached by Abbott to participate in their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, the opinions, views and experiences shared in this post are my own and have in no way been influenced by the company.

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