The Fit Mom Project App – A Must Have for New Mommies!

In today’s digital world like everything else, nutrition, fitness and wellness is also just a click away.

And if you are an expecting mother or have just delivered a baby, then this post if for you!

The Fit Mom Project App is a great tool to help expecting mothers stay fit & stress free.

During and after pregnancy, women are already stressed out and do not find enough time to exercise or take control of their diet.App-Icon

This App could help them do just that – get physically and mentally fit!

The Fit Mom Project is a mobile phone application for pregnant women and new age mothers who need guidance and support for nutrition, fitness and managing pregnancy/postpartum stress.

The Fit Mom Project Pregnancy App promises to be a venture that will bring together nutritionists, physiotherapists, diagnostic clinics and other health care providers under one umbrella and deliver much needed services to mothers.

In the coming months, the App will allow mothers to engage with relevant experts via a Q&A Chat feature. Expecting mothers and moms will be able to chat with these experts and get answers to their most pressing questions.

This app is the brain child of fitness enthusiast couple – Ashwini & Mandar.

Initially, it started as a blog. Gradually the team along with technology partners Applied Cloud Computing launched it in the form of an app later in January 2017.

The current version of the app includes:

  • 100+ Demonstrations of Prenatal & Antenatal Exercises by certified Physiotherapists and Antenatal Specialists from Proactive9.
  • Pregnancy Tools & Calculators like BMI Calculator, Weight Gain Estimator, Ovulation Calculator, Due Date Calculator and more.
  • Informative blogs on nutrition, diet, recipes, exercises, yoga, diagnostic tests and more.


The Fit Mom Project Team is currently partnering with leading nutritionists in a bid to localize meal planning & nutrition counselling services. A partnership with a leading diagnostic / pathology laboratory is also on the cards.

The Fit Mom Project Android App has received 2000+ downloads since launch. The team is now working towards bringing better features and generating traction in the months to come. An iPhone and an Android Tablet version of the App are under development.

The Android App is available for download on the Play Store:


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