‘Unusual’ Uses of ‘Usual Things’

Using things other than the way they are meant for is so much FUN!

Think out-of-the-box, rake your creativity and come up with ideas to utilize ordinary things in other functional ways than usual.

Trust me, these DIYs are going to fetch rave reviews from your guests.

While researching for the post, I found this extremely handy site for home decor, tips & tricks and useful hacks.

For now, go – checkout my handpicked digs!


Cakes look absolutely gorgeous sitting pretty on a cake stand. Completely agree.

But then, there are things which look equally stunning displayed on it.


Candle & Flower Decoration

Just gather candles of different height and dry few twigs or flowers. Set them together in a cake stand and place it on your table or to perk up any dull corner.


Image courtesy: wohnidee.wunderweib.de

Perfume Bar

Exude elegance and luxe’ lifestyle by putting your choicest of picks in fragrance on a cake stand. Place it in your washroom or around your dressing area.


Image courtesy: cosmopolitan.com

Toiletry Stand

Stack tubes, shampoos, wash gels and other toiletries in style on a tiered cake stand.

Sure it does gonna look classy (and everything will be at your eye level).


Image courtesy: offbeathome.com


Clear or colored, it can be of GUD use apart from painting your taloons.

Nail polish can be used to,

Colour Your Soul (oh I mean sole)

To add a pop of color to the sole of your shoe, paint it with bright nail paint.


Image courtesy: cosmopolitan.com

Protection & Prevention

To prevent your new fashion jewellery from tarnishing, cover it with a thin layer of clear nail polish.


Image courtesy: cosmopolitan.com


A Cuppa Full of Tid Bits

Use the leftover tea cups and saucers from old sets to store knick knacks and jewellery.

You can either place it on the counter of your dresser or place them inside a drawer.


Image courtesy: Amanda Mahoney

Class in a Glass

Take couple of small candles, few pebbles, some flowers and nice clear stem glasses.

For a quick table decoration place flowers and pebbles on a table (or a wooden patter), cover them with glasses upside down and place candles atop.



Image courtesy: indulgy.com


Magazine Holder

Use it to hold magazines near your bed or in your washroom. This can be very handy if you are pressed of space on tables. And of‘course will look quirky as well.

Choosing a nice decorative hanger (even simple wooden ones would do) will be nice. Avoid plain wire or aluminum ones.


Image courtesy: bhg.com

Store Sunglasses

Hang your sunglasses in a hanger and place it inside your closet or anywhere your dresser.

Bubbly in Brooklyn How to Store Sunglasses Using a Hanger DIY

Image courtesy: bubbly in brooklyn

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