Visiting a New Born? Mind These Tips.

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Visiting a new born for the first time is a joyous occasion. Make it a memorable one for the mommy and the little one by keeping in mind these ‘visiting a new born tips’.

Inform Them Well in Advance

After all the physical and emotional exhaustion of pregnancy, labour and taking care of the new one, the new mothers are usually drained. Call and inquire if she is up for meeting visitors and ask for a convenient time. Avoid visiting in the first few hours of delivery as mum, dad, siblings and close family members want to spend some personal time and cherish the moment.

Germs – Not Welcome!

Sanitize yourself well, especially your hands, before getting any closer to the new mother and the baby. Remember, infants have a very weak immunity level.

No kissing the baby, please. Refrain from doing so with the new born, especially on the face. Being low on immunity, they are vulnerable to catch infections that you might be carrying. Avoid sneezing or sniffing in the close proximity of the infant.

Don’t Over Stay

Keep your visit short and sweet. The new mother must be sleep deprived and timings of feeding the baby are at close intervals. So, let them not hold on that because of your presence. Counting baby’s fingers, whom the baby resembles most or talking about the babies sleeping pattern is surely sweet small talk but can be done in your next visit. Don’t stay for more than 10-15 minutes unless you’re a close relative or are asked to do so.

Don’t Mishandle the Baby

Don’t hold the baby tight, grab, swirl or try to cheer him out of the cries when he evidently wants his mommy back. With permission, hold the baby briefly.


Newborns are very sensitive for sound and light as they did not get much in the past nine months. Laughing and shouting or talking very loudly will disturb the baby. Save all the cheers, claps and applaud for his coming ceremonies.

If Taking Along Kids, Make Sure It’s Allowed

Many hospitals do not allow young children as visitors. So, if you’re planning to take along any kids with you, check with the hospital for any such restriction.

Do Not Wear Strong Perfumes

Save your expensive perfumes for fancy get togethers. Newborns have highly sensitive skin. They develop allergies or breakouts if they are held by someone who’s wearing perfume as they contain chemicals.

Take Along a Thoughtful Gift

It is customary to take along some gift for the baby on your first visit. Think of something that the baby can use often and is going to need all the time like diapers, a car seat, good quality baby care products are some of the good options.

Offer to do Something Helpful for the Mother

The most genuine way of showing concern and love is to help out the new mom. With her permission you can take out the older sibling (if she has one) for an outing or at your place so that the mum can rest or does she have a grocery shopping to be done, which you can help her out in.

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Article by Sania Siddiqui

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