VLCC, Beyond Slimming!

VLCC , Beyond Slimming!

When you hear VLCC, the first images that flash in your mind are of slimming centres an_SP_5612d outsized advertisements in newspapers with incredible ‘Before’ & ‘After’ pictures of weight loss success stories.


And all this while, I too believed, this is what the brand is about.

I was so wrong.

Recently I was invited to an event at VLCCs Koregaon Park centre of Pune for a meet-greet session. The get-together was aimed at imparting awareness and to break the notion – VLCC is only about slimming; wherein it is way more and beyond that.


A holistic and wholesome service provider in the realm of wellness and beauty – That’s VLCC.


Sushmita Verma, Category Manager for VLCC Beauty is a charming lady with a pleasing personality. She talked at length about the beauty treatments offered at VLCC, which range from Salon, Laser & Dermat services. She gave us a detailed insight of the wide variety of procedures available there.



A lot of faces amongst us beamed in joyful anticipation when Sushmita informed that Kim Kardashian’s renowned Vampire facial is very much available at VLCC now.

For everyone who is clueless about this famous beauty treatment with an eerie name, it is a widely used procedure where plasma is taken from one’s own blood and applied on the  face  with  a dermarloller.  Platelets and growth cells in the plasma encourages cellular growth, stimulates healing  and  imparts a natural,  youthful  glow to the skin. 

Sushmita said when Vampire facial is combined  with  other  treatments  like Chemical  Peels,  Micro Needling  with  Radio  Frequency,   Dermarollers,  Botox  or Thread Lift,  the results are astonishing in providing a smooth  and wrinkle free skin.


You can visit VLCC’s website here and read through all the skin, beauty, slimming and spa services available at its centres but I would like to mention two unique treatments offered by VLCC.

1) Derma Heal Eye Treatment: This treatment is exclusively formulated with innovative bio actives and is type of Eye Filler. It dramatically reduces the visible signs of ageing around the eye area by instant wrinkle filling effect. 24 hour-lasting hydration improves skin texture and boosts radiance.

2) Visionergy: An intensely concentrated treatment, Visionergy is engineered to tackle problems commonly faced in the eye contour area. Visionergy minimizes and aids in addressing superficial signs of aging. The skin around eyes instantly feels plumper, firmer and denser to the touch. The soothing action targets eye bags and puffiness to revitalize the entire eye area, smoothing out wrinkled skin.

After an immensely informative session, everyone was ready to shoot their queries and concerns on beauty, slimming and wellness; eager to hear it straight from the expert who is the best in the industry.

Post an extended Q & A session, it was time for some indulgence!

Bloggers enjoyed luxurious foot & hand massage sessions, styling & makeup tips; some even got their hair woes taken care of. The ‘High Tea’ was a delectable spread of ‘all things Healthy!’

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Time to share some GUD news with you.

It’s raining offers at VLCC –

Till March 31st ,  VLCC is giving 50% off on all beauty & slimming services.

(Of’course there is an * to the above statement – 50% off on all service except the high end Dermat treatments. Call 1800 102 8522 to find more on this.)

And this one is exclusively for the readers of all things GUD!

Get 10% discount on availing any service with VLCC (valid over and above the current discount)

T & C

  • Use code Z3256P56
  • One time use
  • Valid till 30th April
  • Not applicable on high end Dermat services

So, visit VLCC soon, avail the discounts/offers and come back Be.YOU.tiful




PS – I too enrolled for a 5 kg weight loss session with VLCC the very next day of attending this meet. 50% off is just too tempting to resist an offer!

Will keep you posted of the results after 40 days.



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