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3 Ways to Permanently Straighten Your Hair

After ironing her hair, every woman wishes that she would always look as good as she does in that moment. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time to straighten our hair every day.

Fortunately, well-kept hair is no longer something that is reserved for weekends or occasions. Use these three treatments to make your tresses look perfect every day!

Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin is a natural protein in your hair. This treatment is popular because it is capable of making even Afro-hair, sleek and straight. The effects last between three to six months.

Your keratin hair treatment will start with a wash, after which your hair will be dried completely. The keratin product is applied to your locks, and later, they will be covered in a cap for roughly half an hour. Next, they will be blow-dried and ironed.

This treatment helps to heal damaged hair. You have to make sure that your locks don’t get wet or unkempt for three days after you go to the salon. Stylists also recommend that you should avoid exposing your hair to seawater and chlorinated pool water.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Also known as a Brazilian Blowout, this treatment will give you a natural look. The hair is coated in protein, blow-dried and then ironed. The heat from the iron strengthens the protein covering, making the hair smooth.

The benefit of this treatment is that it is a fast process that roughly takes an hour and a half to complete.

However, the effects will start fading after three months, and your hair will return to its original texture. People are also wary of Brazilian keratin treatments because they contain formaldehyde in large quantities. Too much formaldehyde has been linked to irritation of the skin and eyes, as well as dizziness.

Japanese Hair Straightening

This treatment is also known as thermal reconditioning. It does wonders for curly, wiry and unruly hair.  In this method, chemicals are used to break the amino acid bonds in your hair and they are later glued back together using heat.

The result is that you will have poker straight hair that will not end up curling. This method also keeps your locks straight for a longer period of time as compared to other treatments.

To allow your hair to absorb the chemicals, you will need to avoid washing it for two to three days. Some stylists also recommend leaving your hair loose instead of tying it.

In comparison to a Brazilian Blowout, Japanese hair straightening is more expensive and time consuming. Your hair is also likely to become more sensitive.

Pick a treatment that suits your needs and let go of the hassle of trying to make your hair look good every day. Pamper yourself a little, and sign up for permanent hair straightening today to wake up with perfect hair every day.

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