Women are BAD Drivers – Let’s Admit!

(The write up is based on my own driving familiarity, experiences from travelling with other lady driver friends and keeping in account the universal inherent female psychology. Absolutely no deliberate offense indented. Am sure you must be a great driver but I was referring to the ones who are not!)

Every time there’s a car in the fastest lane, going slower than it should, forcing the rest to overtake, not responding to the flashing headlights (because the driver isn’t looking in the mirror) – it’s a woman.

Every time there’s a car struggling to get parked in reverse (even in a visibly large available space) – it’s a woman.

Every time there’s a car driving with lights or wiper on in broad daylight without any evident rain – it’s a woman.

Apologies to all lovely ladies behind the wheel (or any form of automated vehicle) but yes, the truth by large is – we are not as good drivers as men are!

Okay. So there you go. Agitated, hurt, about to raise that women’s lib flag, curse me for not being on my own side, calling me names.

I understand. That’s sexist (not sexy ok?) of me.

as they say….’Aurat hi hamesha se aurat ki dishman rahi ha’….

Today when women equality is an absolute fad in government agendas and a beloved affair amongst social torch bearers, talking such rubbish sounds primitive.

But for once I have decided to come out of the closet and instead of blaming any one particular Mrs. Sharma, Geetika or that lady in red streaked hair ahead of me in the white big car, I risqué myself in putting the onus on ME, SHE and HER.

Superb multitaskers – Yes, but while driving too?

When a man drives, he just drives.

When a woman drives, being an inherent multi-tasker, she has to do other umpteen things like, digging in her purse to fetch the blaring phone, constantly look back and scream at kids to not strew the chips or spill juice, write back and be a part of that saucy gossip session going on the ‘girl-gang’ whatsapp group, fix makeup (and then forger to tilt back the rear view mirror back to the position to serve its actual purpose), constantly switch channels in pursuit of finding THAT one perfect song to go with her mood, making calls to bai, mom or tailor….all this and much more is definitely enough to keep the focus away from the road and steering.

Poor thing!

Speed – Totally up to her will and wish

Talking about speed, women believe in – ‘Slow and steady wins the race’.

Perfect for road safety! No complains on that.

But driving at the speed of 30-40 km/hr on the extreme ‘right side’ of the road is uncouth, criminally irritating & inconvenient for others. Darling, why not be on the left and then take your own sweet time?

Geared up! Not really….

Most women drive in the lower gear (2nd or 3rd) and keep pressing the accelerator. Poor engine makes heavy, groaning sounds and begs for mercy; even the car refuses to speed up. But madam is not in a mood to take notice.


Breaks – Anytime, anywhere

They apply breaks suddenly, without any prior indication or slowing down – oh yeah.. she HAD to take that turn! Abhi yaad aya…

Parking, the ultimate challenge

womanparkWomen always fantasies about that dreamy (filmy) one liner ‘Park the car’. But then not everyone is privileged with the luxury of getting down from a chauffeur driven car, so they had to do their own parking. And that’s where the disaster begins.

Their parking skills are seriously challenged. Big space-small space, parallel-vertical-horizontal, within parking line or even parking in an open area, they choose to never park it right. Right?

Now few thumbs ups for lady drivers

  • Most women drivers triumph over men in following the traffic rules, not overtaking or over speeding and refraining from jumping the red light signals.
  • You would rarely see a female driver giving those snide looks if another vehicle gives her a tough time (men do it all the time).
  • Road rage is not even in their dictionary.
  • They typically don’t drink and drive.

So dear ladies, it’s great that you drive but don’t drive people crazy of your silly mistakes on the road which can also be dangerous for you and others. Enjoy your ride by driving safe and smart!

Write back @ saniashariq@gmail.com or comment below if you agree-disagree, loved it-hated it or have anything else to share on this topic.

But please Drive Safe, Drive Smart!

Following someone with GUD intentions is not culpable…..

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