When The ‘Good Girl’ Killed People


She is a lawyer herself but she broke the law.

She was successful but may not remain so anymore.

She is not a criminal minded person but have to be behind the bars.

She must be a good girl but she KILLED PEOPLE.

When I saw the news of this pretty lawyer, Jahnavi Gadkar, driving drunk and killing 2 people with her Audi, I felt really bad.

Obviously, primarily for the deceased, who lost their lives just-like-that, for no rhyme or reason!

But also for the young lady herself, who unintentionally has committed the worst.

Janhavi Gadkar, 35, Vice President of Legal Affairs at Reliance Industries is a regular, intelligent and hard working professional who had done really well in her life …so far.

One fine day, after work she went out with friends to celebrate the success of one of their projects. And the celebration called for – some ‘drinks’. Quite a few drinks!

After having a good time with friends, she left for home. Being under the influence of alcohol, she was not oriented enough to drive the vehicle which resulted in a massive accident, taking lives of two people on the spot.

Sad story na? Indeed it is.

Her whole life took a 360 degree (ugly) flip. The incident shattered her parents & relatives, leaving her totally devastated for life.

Career, relationships, good life – all went for a toss in a moment.

Just because of some drinks. Quite a few drinks!

This incident is not one of a kind.

Salman Khan Killed 1
Sanjeev Nanda in BMW Killed 6
6 rapists killed Nirbahya
Jassica Lal was shot in a pub
A girl was raped in Uber cab

Countless women are being beaten, assaulted & raped and endless murders/accidents are happening under the influence of just one thing –


I always wonder why not QUIT/BAN it when this horrendous drink is the BIGGEST culprit behind all the crime happening around us?
Few (rather most) people would snub my views saying drinking in moderation is not a problem and one must drink in limits and follow traffic rules and blah blah blah……..

Hello! Either we bring back a dictator or else these regulations, campaigns or education doesn’t work on our callous mindset. Let’s get out of idealism and become a realist.

Stop Glorifying Drinking Please!

My not humble but stern request to media, movies and Mr. Honey Singh in particular is –


Stop advocating it as a COOL thing do to.

Stop making it the highlight of any celebration.

…and for God’s sake – Don’t Drink & Drive

  1. So if you can’t do without few drinks in your life, then let me preach the obvious.

You know why you must not drink & drive?

Alcohol acts as a depressant on our central nervous system. When you drink and drive, you have

  • poor decision making
  • reduced motor skills
  • impaired judgment & reaction time

All this together makes a perfect recipe for accidents!

Life is precious. Don’t give or take it away for few drinks.

Practice safety. Follow rules.

Live & Let Live.

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