Multipro Ghodiyu – An Indian Style Cradle

My daughter is 9 years old. Way past being put to sleep with sweet lullabies and any cradling.

Still, being a mommy blogger and an experienced mum, I come across mothers who constantly ask me which cradle is best for their babies or how to choose one?

And I tell them this………..

Multipro Ghodiyu – an Indian style, portable cradle.

Swing cradle is an age old way of putting babies to sleep in India. Swanky cribs and play pens may have flooded the markets but still cannot replace the comfort and design of a cradle and fall short in several of its advantages.

Multipro Ghodiyo befits all the requisites perfectly.

Let’s see what makes Multipro Ghodhiyo and ideal choice for your bundle of joy.


This one is such a huge plus. I remember, as a toddler my daughter was very particular and fussy about her bed, cup, plate, potty seat, pillow and several other of such belongings. So when I used to travel, I had to carry a whole lot of things with me. Obviously smaller items I could but not her crib!

I wish if this Multipro Ghodiyo would have been available then, my life would have been much sorted!

So now the new mommies have the advantage of taking it along while travelling as it is compact, easy to dismantle and carry along.

It can be easily folded & kept inside the boot of the car.


Scientifically Proven Design

The design of this cradle is appreciated and recommended by paediatricians. Typically, a Ghodiyu is designed to have a low ‘centre of gravity’ which enables a person to swing the child back and forth. A Ghodiyu helps premature babies in their better digestion, proper back rest, sound sleep, & flat head syndrome. It also helps in relieving colic.

It ‘Rocks’!

Who can deny the tried and tested effect of ‘rocking’? The rocking motion helps the babies to fall asleep much faster. This gives the baby much longer hours of sound sleep.

Flatbed & Hammock – Both

The cradle comes with both options – a hammock and a flatbed. Use it as per baby’s requirement and comfort.


High Quality

Quality of all the components is very high. Body is made of stainless steel rods, thick rubber pegs are given on the stands for excellent grip and material of hammock is pure cotton – breathable and washable.

Quick & Easy Assembly

As opposed to how sturdy it looks, the assembly is very easy, quick and convenient. It comes with an easily understandable instruction manual. Check the video for assembly here


Product Specification

Pipe Material: Stainless steel

Hammock Material: Pure premium cotton, fully washable and has a mosquito net with zipper

Net Weight: 6.9 Kg

Disassembled (Packed) Condition Bag Size: 59 x 25 x 12 cm

Assembled Condition Area covered: 83 height x 118 width x 95 depth cm.

Suitable For: Infant Age up to 24 month approx

Baby Weight Capacity: up to 20 kg (45 lbs)

Baby Height Limit: up to 35 inch


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Amazon USA (For Indian Buyers)


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