Cake Jars Are Trending, So Are These Ladies!

Cake Jars!!

The name itself brings pretty visuals of intricately put together layers of cake, cream, mousse, jelly, fresh fruits, dry fruits, chocochips and everything you can imagine that can be sinful & sweet.

Pune seems to be caught in frenzy by cake jars these days.


  1. They look oh-so-pretty!
  2. Convenient to eat and store (indulge and when you are about to die of guilt, just close the jar and keep it back in the fridge)
  3. Humble, plain, round or square cakes are just so passe’ now

Soooo, I am glad these lovely bakers and pastry chefs of Pune gave me this ‘sweet’ opportunity to taste and feature their work-of-art on my blog.

Thanks ladies (but no thanks, I gained numerous pounds and consumed few thousand calories in the process!)

Here is a list of some outstanding cake jar makers of Pune.

(The listing is by alphabetical order of their names)

If you stay in Pune, do order from them. Trust me, you would thank me forever!

Jaya Mangtani 


Brand name: Salubrious Bakes

Contact No: 9545188026

Facebook Page:

Jignya Jadav


Brand name: The Chokolade Fantasie

Facebook Page:

Contact No: 9763726545

Kirti Darolo



Brand name: Melting Secrets

Facebook Page:

Contact No: 9552538595

 Prabjot Marwah



Brand name: Prabjot – Mrs CakeSmith

Facebook Page:

Contact No: 9764142442

Richa Jain


Brand name: Bakes By RJ

Facebook Page:

Contact No: 9561960400

 Saba Poonawala


Brand name: The Oven Affair

Facebook Page:

Contact No: 9970371714

 Vrishali Ghuge Sanap


Brand name: Yummm Cakes

Facebook Page:

Contact No: 87933 38649

 Zia M. Kapoor


Brand name: Cake Monster

Facebook Page:

Contact No: 9922571234


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